People that have attended our retreats shared with us

Thanks so much everyone for including us and listening so intently to our story over the past 2 days. So different sharing with a group of people who just get it. Thanks also for trusting us with your stories. We’ve come away from retreat feeling much less alone. Love to you all”. H. Corben, October 2016

“The child loss retreat weekend was incredible in spite of our initial nerves. Thank you to Esther Elliott and beautiful new friends for the strategies we learned, advice given regarding our children, for sharing from your heart and for the positive focus that has helped give us more hope and strength to walk this journey without our gorgeous girl, Matilda. Lots of tears and heartbreaking stories that made us all feel normal and understood. The threat of being labelled a ‘crazy, grief-stricken woman’ no longer has any power over my decision-making. A real gift. Thank you all”. M. Hardwicke, October 2016.

“I loved the community we created at the retreat and all of the activities, especially the art therapy”
Anonymous, June 2015

“It was a fantastic opportunity to get away from our daily life and explore our emotional state and reconnect with each other”
Mr Hotchkiss, June 2015

“We we arrived I thought I was fine, but I was exhausted, snappy and feeling overwhelmed by juggling responsibilities. I can honestly say that even I didn’t realise how much I needed this. I know I have some work ahead of me but now I feel empowered to achieved it. I can’t thank you enough for always including me in the group, even when I don’t feel like I deserve it. You’re all amazing”
K. Hotchkiss, June 2015

“A lovely, relaxing weekend. The group leaders made us feel very welcome and apart of the community. The activities allowed us to explore new ideas and coping mechanisms in a very private and personal way.”
M Brandt, June 2015

“Relaxing and supportive weekend. Couldn’t ask for a better sport or team of co-ordinators. Thanks for having us along.”
Mr Curro, June 2015

“A beautiful few days spent in a beautiful place with beautiful people. I feel inspired, relaxed and rebooted. Feeling blessed that I had the opportunity to experience it. Recommend for anyone who just needs to nurture their soul.”
C Longmire, June 2015

“Awakenings Retreats is such a magical space, run by amazing and caring people. The weekend will always be a very special part of my own personal journey but also as a part of my best friend’s journey. Both of us were here for different personal reasons but together for a wholesome, positive weekend that allowed us to show each other that we care.”
J. Gunn, June 2015

“It has been a weekend of reconnecting with ourselves individually and as a couple. Our cabin was amazing and the little extras from the Awakenings Retreats team added a little more ‘special’ to our time here. We HIGHLY recommend attending this retreat, no matter what stage of your journey you are in”
Mrs and Mr Wool, Dec 2014.

“Attending an ‘Awakenings Retreat’ was a truly nurturing experience – one that gently nourished my mind, body, heart and soul. Set in the most breathtaking and tranquil surrounds, it provided the perfect opportunity to ‘switch off and unplug’ from the pressures and demands of daily life, whilst meeting lovely new people at the same time. Led by the most amazing team of dedicated, compassionate and inspiring women, I consider myself blessed to have been able to attend such a welcoming, thoughtfully prepared and personalised retreat. If you are seeking a return to both yourself and nature, I highly recommend an ‘Awakenings Retreat’ as a beautiful and restorative gift for yourself or someone you love.”
Lesa, Dec 2014.

“It was great and very well run and thought out. I’m sure people will get what they want out of it. Even though I did not participate in some activities, my weekend away was very relaxing and those things I did participate in have given me a new perspective on things.”
Mr Turner, Dec 2014.

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