Child-Centred Play Therapy

CPT ~ A natural approach to working with children

One of our therapeutic models for working with children is Non-directive Child-centred Play Therapy developed by Dr.Garry Landreth.

CPT is invaluable for:

~ Building a child’s self esteem & sense of self

~ Empowerment

~ Addressing behavioural issues

~ Assisting troubled/traumatised children

~Assisting social issues

CPT is beneficial for children aged 2-10 years.

Creative therapies can still be used in children 10yrs and over so speak to us about therapeutic options.

~Use a child’s language -> Play ~



~Play is their language and toys are their words ~


What is Child-Centred Play Therapy?

Specialised therapy carried out by a trained Play Therapist which utilises specific toys, language and philosophy.

How does it work?

A significant benefit to CPT and Empowerment Play Therapy is that the cause of the behavioural issues does not need to be known.

We can allow children to heal and empower themselves through play, rather than singling out their problems. I focus on them, not their ‘issues’ because they are far more than a collection of issues.

Here is an example: A child care centre requested a family address their 2.5 year old’s behavioural issues. They reported the child was biting and acting out. The parents also reported that their child was waking upset through the night. After a few weeks of CPT the child’s behaviour improved in all areas. The child herself had worked through her issues through play and essentially healed herself. Disciplining the biting and acting out at child care would not have been effective because the underlying issues were not addressed.

~ Focus on the child not on their problem ~  


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